The Conservative Voice for Central and Southern Ohio

Strengthening Our Border Security

The Biden-Harris administration has unleashed an unprecedented crisis at our border by rolling back President Trump’s border security plan. I will work to restart construction on our border wall, stop the tide of illegals crossing into the country and stop the disastrous policies being implemented by the left.

Stopping Biden’s Gun Grabbing Agenda 

Joe Biden wants to take away your gun rights, plain and simple. Brian will oppose any legislation that will infringe the rights of law-abiding gun owners. The Second Amendment is a sacred Constitutional right that Brian defended as a member of the US Army and which he enjoys as a gun owner himself. 

Balancing Our Budgets by Cutting Wasteful Spending 

America cannot afford to fund the Democrats’ extremist policies. Brian understands the bottom line and will work to slash the overspending that has run rampant since the Biden-Harris administration took control. 

Preserving the Trump Tax Cuts 

President Trump’s tax cut delivered unprecedented growth and expansion in the American Economy. We need to preserve those tax cuts and refocus our efforts at re-opening the economy. Joe Biden’s focus on big government, out of control spending and massive tax increases will hurt the middle class the most and destroy small businesses. As your voice in Congress, my focus will be on you –  the voters.

Fighting the Extreme Socialist Agenda

The Biden Administration is being led by the most extreme leftists in the country. They are pushing court packing, defunding the police, taking away your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, promoting DC statehood, and supporting Big Tech’s censorship. Our values and our nation are under attack by those who see a socialist vision for the future. That “vision” must be stopped. As your voice in Congress, I will work to stop AOC, Nancy Pelosi and all those who view the world through the lens of the radical left.