Battle Tested Conservative. Join the Fight.

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Why I’m Running

I’ve spent my entire adult life serving my country and my community. As a combat veteran of the Iraq war, I have a unique experience that guides how I approach the problems that we will face in the future. As a proven, battle-tested conservative, I will not back down from those who want to remake and reshape this great country for the worse. We need warriors to defend our values and our way of life. I truly love this country that I put myself in harm’s way to defend, and see the promise in making not only Ohio, but America great again. But we need strong leaders who will fight for those values. Join me in my campaign to defend our values – and our future.

Meet Brian: A Proud Ohio Conservative

Decorated Army Veteran. Committed to our Community. Dedicated Family Man. 100% Pro-Life. 100% Committed to Protecting Your Second Amendment Rights.